A list of high-yield strategies run by the community and for the community

Step 1: Browse Assets and Strategies

Expand each trading pair to explore the top 10 grid strategies set up by our top strategists. The list is sorted by TVL by default. Under each asset, the trading bots are then sorted by the total APR.
There are different directions for a bot, including Long, Short, Neutral, and Enhanced Neutral. Please read more about how these different types work at Grid Bot section.

Create Flow 1: One Click Copy

Similar to Factory, you can create bot with one click by simply specifying the deposit amount.

Create Flow 2: View Bot Details & Copy

Step 2: View Bot Details

Click into the card to view bot details, including the grid details and historical orders and profits for the selected bot.

Step 3: Copy Bot Configuration

Click Copy to auto fill the bot creation form

Step 4: Adjust & Create

Adjust parameters as you needed and then specify amount to create.