There are 2 major sources of profit running a grid bot, Bot Profit and Position Profit

bot_profit = strategy_profit + market_making_rewards

This is the gain by executing the grid strategy 7/24. The bot will constantly enqueue the Buy/Sell orders in a LIFO (Last In, First Out) manner, and make money by earning the price difference of a single (or sometimes multiple) grid interval(s) from a match.
Profiti=QDiProfit_i = Q * D_i
Profit_i = Profit for the i'th match.
Q = Grid Quantity (or Quantity/Order)
D_i = Price Difference for the i'th match
The total strategy profits is the sum of every single match.
Pb=Profit1+Profit2+...+ProfitnP_b = Profit_1 + Profit_2 + ... + Profit_n
Let's take a look at an example below. Assume we have a grid setup for ETH that goes between 2500 ~ 3500, with a $200 interval, and the qty/order is 1ETH. Then the orders queue would look like this:
Initial: [email protected] -> queue size = 1
t1: [email protected] | [email protected] -> queue size = 2
t3: [email protected] | [email protected] -> queue size = 2
At t3, the first order match ([email protected] and [email protected]) happens, and bot helps us make a $200 profit with a grid quantity (Q) of 1ETH, and price difference (Di) of $200.

This comes from rebates received when the bot places limit orders on the orderbook.
Mango Market, for example, gives 3bp (0.03%) Maker rewards currently.

Position profit (P_p) is self explanatory. It is the profit by holding the positions since bot started. This can also be a loss in the case of a reversal market from the time your strategy started.
position_profit = (current_market_price - avg_position_cost) * position_size

We show Bot APR (APR_b) and Total APR (APR_t) throughout the product. They are calculated as following:
APRb=(Pb/Investment)/Duration365 APR_b = (P_b / Investment) / Duration * 365
APRt=((Pb+Pp)/Investment)/Duration365 APR_t = ((P_b + P_p)/ Investment) / Duration * 365

You can go to the Portfolios page to check profits of all your running bots.
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