A Smart Automated Market Maker (SAMM) protocol

What is Cell?

Welcome to Cell, a Smart Automated Market Maker (SAMM) that democratizes liquidity provision for Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) DEXs. By building a bot infrastructure that enables anyone to seamlessly create grid trading strategies and deposit assets into boosted farms, Cell aims to become the liquidity gateway for CLOBs.

What is the point of Cell?

We truly believe that the flexibility of CLOBs decides its superiority over traditional AMMs. However providing liquidity on CLOBs has higher barrier, which results in high slippage compared to CEXs and much less trading pairs compared to AMMs. Cell closes this gap by providing a simple, flexible, and automated tool that enables the mass to provide liquidity like pros.
Cell also pioneered an innovative Range-based Farm that redefines incentive accuracy. It empowers projects to incentivize concentrated liquidity with customized ranges, and let liquidity flow to where it is needed the most.

Who can benefit from Cell?

Whoever you are, there is a special space for you to explore and participate.
Liquidity providers can seamlessly create or copy grid LP strategies like pro market makers, and capture high APY from price fluctuation.
Crypto projects can accurately incentivize community LPs with native tokens, and build products atop with our highly-composable modules.
CLOBs can enjoy lower slippage, better depth, and more markets.

How is Cell different?

Aligned Interest: Cell Protocol only charges performance fees when users are actually profitable compared to traditional bots that charges admin fees regardlessly.
User Experience: Built upon highly scalable networks, like Solana, to provide web2 user experiences, while maintaining intuitive and easy-to-use DeFi look and feel.
Composability & Flexibility: AMMs (Uniswap), Active Liquidity Management Tools (Gamma), Interest-bearing Collateral Protocol (Abracadabra), and much more can be built on top of Cell.
Rich-strategy: A slew of custom and preset strategies that meet needs of both advanced traders as well as beginners.
Unparalleled Yields: 3 sources of profits compared to trading bots built upon CEXs, including zero trading fees, market making rewards, as well as LP boosts on top of already high-profit grid strategy.
Last modified 1yr ago